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You can apply on-line by clicking the "Apply On-Line" button below.

This free wireless plan is available to those qualified for Lifeline assistance. You will be required to provide identity proof and proof of eligibility at the end of the on-line application, so have a picture of your ID and proof document available (see below for more information on Identity and proof documentation).

We are in the process of developing a new on-line ordering process. Check back soon.

Requirements for Lifeline Discount

To receive free wireless minutes provided by the Lifeline subsidy, you'll need to complete the Lifeline application and certification form as well as provide proof of identity and proof of your eligibility.

The Lifeline application and certification can be completed on line by following the "Apply on-Line" link above.

For Proof of Identity, we'll need a picture of your Drivers License or a government issued picture ID. You can upload the picture at the end of the on-line application process. Be sure the name on the application matches the name on the identification.

The Proof of Eligibility is any official document or program card that shows you are enrolled in the program that you are qualifying under (like SNAP card, EBT card, Medicaid card, or Section 8 award letter, etc) or, if you are qualifying based on your income, documents showing your income. You can see a list of acceptable proof documents here as well as methods for delivering that proof to us.
If you have a proof document available in an electronic format (like a pdf, jpeg, or other picture format), you can upload it at the end of the on-line ordering process.

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