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Lifeline Forms

Government assisted phone service requires a signed Lifeline Self Certification form be submitted before the order can be processed.

If you already ordered your service and still need to submit the Lifeline certification, you can submit an on-line form (where available) by logging into the customer portal using your new account number.
Printable forms are also available in some states.

Lifeline Certification for Home Telephone Service
Customer portal form submission available in these states:
Alabama Georgia Mississippi
Arkansas Indiana  
California Louisiana Ohio
Colorado Michigan Tennessee
Florida Missouri Texas
Printable form available for these states:
Arkansas Louisiana South Carolina
Alabama North Carolina Oklahoma
Georgia Kentucky Ohio
Florida Michigan Wisconsin
Indiana Mississippi Tennessee
Kansas Missouri Texas

Lifeline Certification for Cellular Service
Printable form available for these states:
Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Rhode Island
Colorado Maine Pennsylvania
Georgia Michigan South Carolina
Indiana Missouri Texas
Illinois Minnesota Washington
Iowa Nevada Wisconsin
Kentucky Nebraska West Virginia


Free Government Home Phone Service

Home Phone FamilyWe also have available government assisted telephone service for your house. Get started for under $30 in most states.

Home Phone Service

from $20.70/mo*(NC)

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