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Free Government Phone Service


Sales Hotlines (Home Phone)
Texas 1-877-245-3490
AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, LA, MS, MI, MO, NC, OH, TN 1-877-244-6602
KY, KS, SC, OK, WI 1-877-244-3430
All Other States 1-877-244-3430

Sales Hotlines (Cellular Phone)
All States 1-877-243-1204      

Customer Service (Home Phone)
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Alabama 1-877-511-3009   Michigan 1-877-511-3009
Arkansas 1-877-511-3009   Missouri 1-877-511-3009
Florida 1-877-511-3009   North Carolina 1-877-511-3009
Georgia 1-877-511-3009   Ohio 1-877-511-3009
Indiana 1-877-511-3009   Oklahoma 1-888-565-1011
Kansas 1-888-565-1011   South Carolina 1-888-565-1011
Kentucky 1-888-565-1011   Tennessee 1-877-511-3009
Louisiana 1-877-511-3009   Texas 1-877-511-3009
Mississippi 1-877-511-3009   Wisconsin 1-888-565-1011

Customer Service (Cellular Phone)
Arizona 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
  Minnesota 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
Arkansas 1-877-318-9563
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
  Missouri 1-866-959-4918
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
Colorado 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
  Nevada 1-855-570-8637
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
Illinois 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
  Nebraska 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
Indiana 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
  Oklahoma 1-877-476-3451
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
Iowa 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
  Pennsylvania 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
Kansas 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
  Rhode Island 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
Kentucky 1-877-476-3451
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
  South Carolina 1-866-959-4918
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
Louisiana 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
  Texas 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
Maine 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
  Washington 1-877-388-1082
(m-sat,8am-6pm CST)
Michigan 1-866-959-4918
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
  West Virginia 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)
Maryland 1-877-476-3434
(m-f,8am-6pm EST)
  Wisconsin 1-877-351-4747
(m-f,8am-9pm CST)

Government free cell phone service.

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Free Cell Phone Service

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We can get you free cellular phone service with premium providers.
We have partnered with a variety of mobile phone service providers to bring you superior service at an unbeatable price - FREE!

  • No Bill*
  • No Contract
  • Free Minutes Refresh each Month
  • Voicemail
  • Texting
  • 911 Service
  • Local and Long Distance Calling

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Lifeline Subsidy

The Federal Lifeline program subsidizes qualified low income households for their telecommunications needs. This means you get $9.25 or more per month for wireless minutes. In most states, we'll get you 1000 minutes for your Lifeline benefit. You can add more minutes at reduced rates.



Save on your electiricity bill.

If you're in an energy deregulated state, we can save you money on your monthly electricity bill. Our kWh rates are consistantly lower than the local utility in many states.

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