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Free Government Phone Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if I qualify for government phone service?

If you are currently participating in a government assistance program such as Section 8 housing, Medicaid, or SNAP, you probably qualify for the benefit. However, the free cell phone handset, or free activation of home phone, is subsidized by the Link-up program. Link-up is the government program intended to pay part of the cost of activation of phone service and is a one-time benefit. If you have received Link-up benefits already, either for home phone service or cell phone service, you are no longer entitled to it.

What is the number of minutes that I get for free with the Lifeline service?

The total amount of minutes you receive varies by state. Most states receive 100 min. / month. Check the number of minutes for your state by clicking on the "Cell Phones" tab above then select your state.

What happens if I run out? Can I get more?

Yes. If you run out of minutes before your minutes replenish, you may purchase more minutes at our low rates. In Louisiana and Arkansas, any unused minutes you purchased will roll over to the following month, depending on the plan you choose. Other states do not carry over.

Does the  cellular service have voicemail included?

Yes, voicemail is included in most of the Lifeline plans.

Do I get text messaging with the cellular service?

Yes. Text messaging is available. A text that is sent or received is charged against your total minutes available at a rate determined by your plan. The exception is the Oklahoma Unlimited plan which does not include texting.

I submitted the order for free cellular service, what's next?

Your service order will be checked and processed into our system within one business day. A cell phone handset will be assigned and set up with a new number for you. It will then be shipped to you at the mailing address you provided. The handset will then arrive to you within 7 days. To check on the status of your account you can call customer service.

Free Government Phones

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Order your free cell phone service now. You could be using your free government cell phone within one week.

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Your free government cell phone includes voicemail, texting, local and long distance calling and 911 service.