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Free Government Phone Service

Free Government Phones

gov't free telephone

Are you currently receiving Food Stamps (SNAP), Veterans Pension, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing or some other form of assistance? Are you looking for free phones from the government?

If so, you are qualified for Lifeline assistance. Lifeline is a gov't program that reduces your monthly phone bill by about $9.25 or more - for either home phone or a mobile plan. You can't actually get free phones from the government but, most lifeline cellular providers will give your a free handset when you apply for the lifeline ass't program.

Want Gov't Assisted Mobile Phone Service?

With Lifeline, we can get you cell phone service for $0 per month. That's right - FREE government cellular phone service. And, we'll send you a handset at no cost. You pay nothing!

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Want Government Assisted Home Telephone Service?

We can get you residential land line service as low as $20.24 per month (Prices vary among states and carriers).

Worried about the cost of getting started? Order your service from us and pay $30 or less to get started in many states. If you are qualified to get Lifeline Federal assistance, we can get your wire-line service started with no activation fee or free first month's service in many areas.

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Do You Qualify to Receive Lifeline?

Lifeline, which is a Federal program, was created to make telephone service affordable for households with low income. Qualifications for Lifeline vary by state. For a complete listing of federal qualifications, check here.
To see the qualifications accepted by your state, click the "More Info" button and select your state. The application form has a list of the Lifeline qualifications for your state.

The Lifeline benefit is limited to one plan for each household. This means that you cannot receive this discount on your wire-line telephone and also receive it on your wireless service.

As of June 1, 2012, the FCC now requires new Lifeline applicants to provide proof that they qualify for the program.


Free Cell Phone

gov't free phone
  • No Contract
  • No Bill
  • Voicemail
  • Texting
  • Long Distance

Complete the simple on-line order form for your state and we'll ship out your wireless handset right away - ready to make calls!

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Government Home Phone

  • No Contract
  • No ID
  • No Deposit
  • No Credit Check
  • Low start up cost

We can get you connected FAST with a reliable residential land line provider at a discounted monthly rate.

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