gov phone wireless plan

Free Government Phone Service

Free Government Phone Service

Free Cell Phone Plan

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500 Minutes /Mo

Free Handset

Local / Long Distance

Pay Nothing!

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*Minutes vary among states

Government Home Phone Plan

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Unlimited Local Calls

Free First Month

Lifeline Discount

From $20.24/mo*

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*Prices vary among states.


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Gov't Subsidized Cell Phone Service

We'll send you a cell phone handset and give uou cellular service and you won't pay anything!

If you are qualified for Lifeline government assistance (sometimes referred to as the Obama phone), you will get a handset for free and receive mobile phone service without ever receiving a bill.
We are currently connecting customers with this service in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Rhode Island,Washington, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia but will soon be able to offer it to the rest of the U.S.A. So, check back with us often if your state is not yet listed.
If you are already getting benefits from a government assistance program like Section 8 housing, Food Stamps (SNAP or Supplemental Nutritional Assist Program), Section 8 Housing, Medicaid, SSI, etc., you are probably eligible for our Lifeline service.

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  • Up to 500 Minutes
  • Texting
  • No Bill
  • Cancel any time

Free Mobile Plan


Order your free government cell phone service today and start enjoying the security that a cellular phone can provide.
Our cellular service includes:

  • 911 Emergency
  •  Long Distance and Local Calling
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail

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Cable Internet

Cable TV, Internet, Phone for $89.99/mo

We work with local cable TV providers to bring you fantastic prices on packages for cable programming and internet service. We have triple play packages that include phone for as low as $89.99 /month. Even those with bad credit can get connected. We have a solution for you.

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Government Home Telephone

low income family We also have available home phone service with Lifeline government assistance. Get started today with no deposit, no credit check.

Home Phone Service

from $20.24/mo*

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We can provide Lifeline government assisted home telephone plans in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Texas

Lifeline qualifications vary by state. In most areas, you are eligible for Lifeline home phone service if you currently participate in a government program. You may also be qualified if the total income of your household is at a certain level as designated by your state.

  • No Credit Check
  • No Deposit
  • No ID
  • No Contract

Lifeline Federal Assistance

Lifeline is a Federal program that provides a subsidy to low income families in order to give them an opportunity to afford phone services, either wireless or wire-line, and is funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF). The program allows for just one subsidy per household. The discount averages $9.25 but can be more in some states. In addition, there are more benefits available for those living on Federally recognized Tribal land. For more information see our qualifications page or visit the USAC website.

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