Is a Home Phone Worth Having?

Many of us today have to question the need for a home phone line. It seems to be an expense we can do without. It’s a lot like insurance – we pay a lot of money for something that we rarely, if ever, use. If you have a cell phone, why would you also need a home phone?

A home phone still has some merit. If you have a family, especially with younger children that aren’t ready for their own cell phones, a home phone provides some comfort and security. It’s nice to be able to call home rather than going through your list of cell phone numbers of other family members. And, if there is an emergency at the house, it’s more likely you’re going to reach for the home phone. A home phone still has an advantage when it comes to 911.

So, if I’d like to have a home phone, what is the price at which it makes economic sense? I suppose that number can be different depending on your economic status. For many low income families, that number is very low. But, there is a way for those families to get cheap home phone service. Lifeline is a federal government assistance program that provides a discount on your residential phone service. For those that qualify, it will reduce your bill by about $10. It may now seem like much of a discount but if you get just a basic line without all the additional features, you can get that monthly payment under twenty dollars per month. This may be enough to justify that antique that sits on the table, rarely ever used.

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